Celebrating International Nurses Day – Katherine Jongebloed

Wednesday 11 May 2022

Katherine Jongebloed gets joy from learning new things.

It’s what drew the intensive care nurse to expand her horizons in 2018 and become a Mater Research Clinical Trials Nurse.

Katherine works in the Mater Clinical Trials Unit, supporting the Intensive Care Research and Neurosciences Research teams, as well as working part-time in a clinical role in the ICU at Mater Hospital Brisbane.

“Medical research helps answer important questions, and I’ve always loved learning and looking for answers,” Katherine said.

“I decided to pursue nursing in high school because I wanted to help people and I’ve never looked back.

“My role as a clinical trials nurse adds another dimension to what I can offer patients and allows me to spend time with participants and see their unique perspectives.

“I also love working with a lot of knowledgeable people who come from different specialities. One day I will be learning about nutrition in critically ill patients, the next day about seizure semiology, and the following about Rett’s syndrome.”

Mater Research runs more than 190 clinical trials across its five research programs. The Mater Clinical Trials Unit supports the investigators with patient recruitment, screening, support, and administration.

Katherine said her role as a clinical trials nurse allows her to advocate for patients; work as part of a strong team; and know she is helping build a better future of health.

“The high quality of medical care that we experience and give to our patients today, whether it be a medication, treatment regime, procedure, or the equipment we use, is the result of medical research,” she said.

“I’m grateful to be part of a team that is actively helping our patients of today and working towards a better future for others.”