Changes to Site-Specific Assessment Submissions at Mater

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Site-Specific Assessment submissions to Mater Research Governance have now been active in Ethics Review Manager (ERM) for two months. We have recently reviewed the requirements for the collection of signatures as part of the SSA process and as of Thursday 24 January 2019 we will be updating the SSA form in ERM to reflect these changes.

From 24 January 2019 onwards, it will be a mandatory requirement for signatures to be collected in electronic format only on the Mater SSA.

In line with this change, we have also reviewed the requirements for individuals to sign prior to submission. Currently all study team members listed on the SSA are required to sign the application, in addition to relevant authorities as a declaration of support for the study to be undertaken at Mater.

The requirements will be modified to the following:

  • Only the Principal Investigator and Mater contact from the study team are required to electronically sign the application form;

Please note: Upon submission of the SSA and authorisation of the study, all study team members listed on the SSA will receive a notification email.

  • Electronic signature endorsement by Finance (Management Accountant), Head(s) of Department(s) and Medical Directors of Clinical Streams as relevant to the conduct and impact of the study at Mater.

Please note: A signature request for endorsement can be initiated from within the form in ERM.

Mater Research have developed a series of training guides for study coordinators or applicants to navigate the process of signature requests in ERM as well as designated authorities for review and declaration of support.

For more information

If you have further questions about the transition or require assistance with using the ERM system please visit our information page