Ethics Review Manager System roll out - Important information for researchers

Monday 09 July 2018

Important information for researchers and clinicians undertaking human research at Mater

In mid-July Mater will be implementing a new digital system for the submission and review of clinical projects. The process of building and testing this new system to facilitate approval for clinical research to be undertaken at Mater is currently underway.

The new Ethics Review Manager (ERM) system will replace Online Forms for applications to Mater Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) as well as incorporate SSA submissions to Mater Research Governance.

The roll-out will occur in two stages for Mater researchers:

Stage 1 (July 2018): transition of Research Ethics applications from Online Forms to ERM

Stage 2 (October 2018): transition of Research Governance applications to ERM

Updates on progress and impact for the submission and review of your clinical research projects will continue to be disseminated by email and posted on the Mater Research website and on the Intranet for Mater staff.

Stage 1: Key dates

29 June 2018

Final date to create a new application form (HREA) using Online Forms (available until 5.00pm).

09 July 2018 Final date to submit an application form, further information response or post-approval report using Online Forms (available until 5.00pm).
12 July 2018 Final date to notify Mater HREC via email of Online Forms submission code for migration of completed application to ERM.
16 July 2018

ERM starts!
It will be used to create and submit all research ethics applications and post-approval amendments and reports to Mater HREC.

What does this mean for researchers?

From 30 June to 16 July 2018, there is no access to new application forms for ethics review in the Online Forms or ERM sites.

The 'New Application' link in Online Forms will be disconnected at 5 pm on Friday 29 June 2018. If a new application has to be created during this time, researchers can access the HREA from the NHMRC website.

Applications that have been commenced can still be accessed but must be completed and submitted for review via Online Forms by 5pm on Monday 9 July 2018, or saved onto your local drive and copied into the application forms in the ERM website on 16 July 2018.

Notification to Mater HREC office of the Online Forms submission code must be done via email prior to Thursday 12 July for successful migration of the application to ERM.

From Monday 9 July to Monday 16 July 2018, there is no access to any electronic application forms in the Online Forms site. You will not be able to create or submit an application during this week unless you access the NHMRC HREA.

On Monday 16 July 2018, new application forms to Mater HREC will be available in ERM.

Frequently asked questions

Download a copy of frequently asked questions about the transition to ERM system for submitting research ethics and governance applications at Mater.


If you have further questions about the transition or require assistance with using the ERM system please contact:

  • James Palmer via email or phone 07 3163 2589 
  • Ruth Lee via email or phone 07 3163 8033