Clinical Trials for participants

Who can participate in clinical trials?

  • Patients with a new diagnosis
  • Patients with a long term diagnosis
  • Healthy volunteers

Why should patients or healthy volunteers participate in clinical trials?

Without volunteers, clinical trials are not possible. By becoming involved in a clinical trial, you will be contributing to new knowledge and future understanding of medical conditions or treatments - allowing Mater researchers and clinicians to improve patient care and health outcomes for the community.

All clinical trials conducted at Mater Research is voluntary. Participants will be made aware that they can withdraw their consent at any time without comment or penalty.

Any research at Mater is conducted in accordance with the local, national and international guidelines for clinical trials research and has approval from an NHMRC certified Human Research Ethics Committee.

How do I participate in a clinical trial at Mater Research?

If you are a member of the public who is interested in being involved in clinical trials, the first step is to view the list of clinical trials listed below to find a research project that you feel you are a suitable candidate for.

Once you have identified a project that you are interested in, you can then register your interest to participate in the project by contacting the Clinical Trials Unit.

Email the Mater Clinical Trials Unit

For media enquires please visit the Media and Communications web page.