Epilepsy Research

The Epilepsy Research Group focusses on improving epilepsy diagnostic approaches and techniques.  In doing this we hope to better understand the various clinical features and symptoms associated with different epilepsy subtypes.  Our goal is to ensure patients living with epilepsy receive the correct diagnosis and therefore are provided the most effective treatment options for their type of epilepsy.

The group has a strong emphasis on autoimmune associated epilepsy, seizure semiology, communication difficulties in epilepsy, neuroimaging and electroencephalography.  Our research utilises a broad range of approaches including electroclinical correlation, immunoassay testing, functional MRI, advanced language assessment and signal processing.

Strong collaborative links within Queensland, interstate, throughout Australia and Internationally underpin our success as a research group.  This ensures our research is conducted at the highest standards to improve the quality of our research outcomes which will ultimately translate to better care for our patients. 

The strength and breadth of our research program is highlighted by our pre-clinical research collaborations. The Mater Epilepsy Research group is working alongside researchers at the University of Queensland’s Queensland Brain Institute, who are using cutting edge techniques to investigate the fundamental computations of human neurons, and the study of hippocampal stem cells. We hope that in years to come, this work will inform our understanding of the biological origins of epilepsy, and enable us to develop more targeted and successful treatment options.

The Epilepsy Research Group also conducts clinical trials with a focus on surgical interventions for epilepsy and is fully integrated with our clinical epilepsy surgery team.  This arm of the research group provides patients with the opportunity to participate in research related to the most innovative approaches to epilepsy treatment.

Group Members

  • Dr Donald Craig
  • Ms Tamara Powell - Research Coordinator
  • Dr Delphine Lévy-Bencheton - Clinical Trials Coordinator
  • Ms Katherine Jongebloed - Research Nurse Neuroscience


  • Aoife Reardon – UQ
  • Dr Matteo Mascelloni - QUT
  • Nick Murray - Macquarie

Current research


Group Leaders