Immune Profiling & Cancer Research

The Immune Profiling and Cancer Research Group is concerned with humoral adaptive immune responses in cancer, a type of immune response involving the secretion of tumour-specific antibodies to the body fluids in response to cancer. The lab seeks to understand how this type of immune response is activated and modulated during cancer. By examining the antibody profile signatures of cancer patients and identifying those informing of disease progression and treatment; this research could yield unique diagnostic and prognostic biological information (i.e. biomarkers) and might lead to the exploration of new targets for immunotherapy.

The Immune Profiling and Cancer Research Group has already identified tumour-specific biomarkers that could inform of greater odds for survival in colorectal cancer and is currently developing novel, non-invasive antibody-based diagnostics to predict response to immunotherapy in melanoma patients.

Group Leader

  • Dr Gregor Kijanka