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Cohort studyKeywords Diet, Implementation
Basic ScienceKeywords Placenta, Asthma, Pregnancy, Pregnancy complications, Clinical outcome, Fetus, Glucocorticoids
Clinical trialKeywords Fetal distress, Placental function, Doppler ultrasound, Fetal hypoxia, Labour, Antenatal screening
Clinical trialKeywords Stillbirth, Antenatal care, Consumer information, Preventive health, Perinatal, Education
Basic ScienceKeywords Cystic fibrosis, Mucins, Bronchiectasis
Cohort studyKeywords Premature infant, Cerebral palsy, Antenatal therapy, Very preterm birth, Neurodevelopmental disorders
Clinical trialKeywords Clinical trial, Randomised controlled trial (RCT), Female infertility, Fertility, Sub-fertility
Cohort studyKeywords Cohort study, Public health, Maternal and child health, Fetal growth, Women's health, Family health, Longitudinal cohort study
Clinical trialKeywords Newborn, Very preterm birth, Resuscitation, Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, Ventilatory support
Clinical trialKeywords Seizures