My Baby's Movements Multi-Centre Trial

Project type/s Clinical trial
Project status Planning/Submitted for approvals

Stillbirth is a devastating event that is associated with long-lasting negative psychosocial impact on women and families. Maternal perception of decreased fetal movements (DFM) commonly precedes third-trimester stillbirths and is a marker for a pregnancy at risk. Maternal perception of DFM has been proposed as a simple, inexpensive screening method for third-trimester stillbirth. However, pregnant women currently have suboptimal information and support regarding fetal movements and may delay seeking heath care when DFM occurs.

The My Baby's Movements (MBM) study aims to evaluate the impact of a personalised interactive mobile phone software program (MBM), using smart phones or SMS (Short Message Service), on maternal awareness of fetal movements and reporting of DFM. MBM will be provided to pregnant women as part of routine antenatal care in each of the participating maternity care facilities. This submission relates to the second and final stage of the MBM project where MBM will be rigorously evaluated. Stage one involves development of the MBM mobile phone program and is currently underway (Mater Research HREC number HREC/14/MHS/71).

Team Members

  • Prof Vicki Flenady - Team Role: Principal Investigator
  • Glenn Gardener - Team Role: Co-Investigator
  • Sarah Stevenson - Team Role: Project Coordinator