Sex-specific placental regulation of glucocorticoid sensitivity

Project type/s Basic Science
Project status Planning/Submitted for approvals

In this research project we will collect and study the placenta and the cord blood from the placenta as it tells us a lot about how the baby developed during pregnancy and how it responded to stress in the mother. We have an interest in a protein called the glucocorticoid receptor which can change in response to mothers’ being stressed or sick during pregnancy. We think it plays a role in how the baby develops. We want to compare placentas from normal healthy pregnancies to placentas from pregnancies where there may be a problem such as a preterm delivery, a small baby, hypertension or diabetes in pregnancy.

Team Members

  • Prof Vicki Clifton - Team Role: Principal Investigator
  • Angela Pearson - Team Role: Research Assistant
  • Ashley Meakin - Team Role: Student Researcher