Please note that from July 2018 the new Ethics Review Manager (ERM) system will replace Online Forms for applications to the Mater Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and from October 2018 will replace the Mater Research Hub to generate new applications to Mater Research Governance. [ Learn More ]
ERM User Guide and FAQs are now available.

Your SSA will be reviewed by the Mater Research Governance Office

When your application is received by the Mater Research Governance Office, it will be validated and then undergo a research governance review.  The review cannot begin until the application has been validated. You may be contacted with further requirements or queries during these processes.

The Mater Research Governance Office has a benchmark to meet for the validation and review process (33 days).  The reportable key performance indicator is that 85 per cent of applications be authorised within this timeframe.

These timeframes do not include:

  • time taken by researchers to respond to research governance queries and requests 
  • length of time for execution of agreements (coordinated by the Research Agreements Office)
  • HREC review and approval timeframes.