Mater Clinical Trials Unit - Information for Researchers

About the Mater Clinical Trials Unit

The Mater Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) has a critical role to play, by both supporting Mater people to design, conduct and translate high-quality research, as well as developing capacity and provide the necessary expertise to enable Mater to advance its delivery of safe, efficient, cost-effective health care.

The purpose of the CTU working closely with the Mater Research Office is to enable and support all clinical trials on the Mater Campus.

The CTU's dedicated Research Program Coordinators and support staff provide project support to all investigators conducting clinical research (both investigator-initiated studies as well as sponsored studies).

The CTU is the single point of contact for clinical trials and provides:

  • Oversight of all clinical trials on the Mater Campus
  • Expertise and assistance to find commercial sponsors and other funding for clinical trials
  • Highly qualified and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) certified clinical research staff
  • Program Coordinators and their teams aligned with clinical populations
  • Guidance and support for Ethics and Governance submissions
  • Facilitation of feasibility reviews and budget negotiations
  • Training programmes for clinical research staff
  • Monitoring of compliance across the campus
  • Collection of Biological materials across the Mater Group for HREC approved studies

Contact the Mater Clinical Trials Unit

For more information about the Mater Clinical Trials Unit and how the team can assist with your research please contact

Mater Clinical Trials Manager
Telephone: 07 3163 6312
Send an email