Mater Clinical Trials Unit - Information for Researchers

About the Mater Clinical Trials Unit

The Mater Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) supports Mater people to conduct high-quality clinical research, and to build Mater's clinical research capacity.

The CTU's dedicated Research Program Coordinators and support staff provide project support to investigators conducting funded studies, including both investigator-initiated and sponsored clinical trials.

The CTU works closely with the Mater Research Governance Office to facilitate and support clinical trials across the Mater Group.

Contact the Mater Clinical Trials Unit

To find out how the Mater Clinical Trials Unit team can assist with your research please contact:

Mater Clinical Trials Manager
Anne Tremellen
Telephone: 07 3163 6312
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The CTU has a team of dedicated Research Program Coordinators aligned with our priority areas.

Cancer and Neuroscience Program Coordinator
Matthew Spitzer
Telephone: 07 3163 8242

Chronic and Complex Disease Program Coordinator
Vicki Rossi
Telephone: 07 3163 5314

Mothers Babies and Women’s Health Program Coordinator
Frances Maguire
Telephone: 07 3163 2418

Start-up Specialist
Belinda Trengove-Jones
Telephone: 07 3163 1640

Pathology Trials and Bio-banking
Rebecca Rogers
Telephone: 07 3163 2518