Research Engagement Support

At Mater we believe that Health organisations that engage their clinicians in research are better positioned to deliver high quality evidence-based clinical practice for the benefit of patients and the wider community.

When researchers and clinicians at all levels are actively working together, they increase the research value and multiply their translational prospects; make their institution a more attractive place to work and enhance their own performance and engagement.

The Research Engagement Team support a number of engagement opportunities to help researchers and clinicians building partnerships links to facilitate their research programs, navigating the compliance process requirements for performing human research at Mater and with many other aspects of research facilitation.

In addition, we aim to develop practical frameworks and tools to streamline processes to assist researchers to:

  • Facilitate translational research opportunities
  • Partner with Mater consumers and the community on fundamental research questions to drive community-driven research
  • Produce robust evidence of Mater Research's impact on society, the economy and policy beyond our contributions to academia

Consumer and Community Research Engagement

Mater Research is committed to the Exceptional Every Time (EET) strategy by involving Mater consumers and the community in the development and implementation, measurement and evaluation of research.

The Research Engagement Team help researchers building collaborations with consumers to drive quality research, drawing on each other's knowledge to address the fundamental research questions.

These collaborations will support community-driven  research by partnering with consumers to identify their health needs and the unmet needs of the population. The objective is to build sustainable partnerships that can be leveraged across the organisation.