Mater Research is a recognised leader in medical research. Our bench to bedside philosophy sees us working across Mater Health’s hospitals and health services, The University of Queensland, and the world-class Translational Research Institute (TRI). We are committed to working closely with Mater Health, Mater Education and our growing network of partners and collaborators to turn scientific discovery into the best possible treatment, care, and outcomes for patients and our broader community.

We continue to make great strides in medical research, read about our recent successes in our latest Annual Report.


Latest News

Young Australians are at risk of unknowingly developing liver disease due to overeating and drinking too much alcohol, warns Mater Research...



‘Silent epidemic’ affecting the health of young Australians

Mater Researcher, Associate Professor Katharina Ronacher is on the hunt for medical answers to treating patients with COVID-19, and a $70,000...



Diabetes Australia grant helps boost COVID-19 research

Our researchers are making big strides in the fight against Type 1 diabetes, identifying a crucial protein that could prevent the autoimmune...



Discovery boosts hopes of preventing Type I diabetes

The evidence continues to grow about the importance of good gut bacteria for health, with Mater Researchers identifying 5 bacterial strains...



Gut bacteria potential key to IBD and colon cancer prevention

A $100,000 Springfield Health City Research Grant to Mater Foundation has enabled Associate Professor Sumaira Hasnain to launch a study into...



Mater puts Springfield under the microscope for gut disease

Don’t blame COVID – your mental health in pregnancy has more to do with quality of life than lockdowns, a new study led by Mater Research and...



COVID lockdowns not driver of poor mental health

Dr Jodi Saunus has been awarded this year’s Mater Research Strategic Grant for Outstanding Women to progress her impressive translational...



Award helps advance research into common women’s cancer

Flipping the way Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research is generated and conducted is the key priority for the head of Mater...



Reconciling how First Nations’ health is researched

Mater Researchers have launched a trial to discover if laser light therapy can relieve some of the debilitating symptoms of IBD in young people.



Mater Research leads world-first laser light therapy trial for bowel disease

A $500,000 donation to Mater Foundation from The Lott by Golden Casket is helping support important research aimed at improving prediction...



Research funding to help save babies’ lives