Our Executives

Mater Research has an excellent executive team responsible for the management of the operation, infrastructure development and research income and strategy for the institute.

Allison Pettit

Director of Biomedical Research

Associate Professor Allison Pettit is the Director of Biomedical Research at Mater Research, and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow.

As the Director of Biomedical Research, Allison will provide oversight, leadership, and guidance in the management and execution of clinical and biomedical research activities at Mater. Allison chairs the institute’s Research Committee and Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and is responsible for fostering and developing all research and diversity. She is involved in strategic planning, framing the organisational structures and support, embedding research within the hospital, recruitment of biomedical and clinical researchers, mentoring researchers across the career spectrum and improving the funding and impact of our research. In addition to working with the Mater Research Board and Executive, Allison works closely with our partners; Mater Health, Mater Education, Mater Foundation, The University of Queensland - Faculty of Medicine and the Translational Research Institute (TRI).

When not doing her executive duties, Allison leads the Bones and Immunology Research Group at Mater with a team of five researchers.

Allison is the author of over 65 scientific publications with his research currently focused on skeletal physiology and pathology, bone and bone marrow regeneration, bone marrow transplantation and cancer metastasis in bone.

Outside of Mater, Allison is heavily involved in national and international peer review, is a Director of the Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society, a member of The University of Queensland Faculty of Medicine Research Committee and a Member of the Translational Research Institute Caucus. In addition she is an elected member of the American Society of Bone and Mineral Research Women in Bone and Mineral Research Committee.