Mater Student Research Committee

What does the Mater Student Research Committee do?

The Mater Student Research Committee helps provide academic and professional development support to students by organising training workshops (on topics such as CV, grant and thesis writing) and professional development events (such as Three Minute Thesis) throughout the year.

In addition to supporting the development of students, the Mater Student Research Committee organises a number of social activities and events that provide students with the opportunity to meet and socialise with their peers in a relaxed, supportive environment.

The committee is also responsible for reviewing and providing recommendations for all higher degree research and Honours student applications to Mater Research.

Who is on the Mater Student Research Committee?

  • Prof Brian Gabrielli (Chair)
  • A/Prof Paul Dawson (Head of Education)
  • Dr Dhanisha Jhaveri (Deputy Chair)
  • Dr Johanna Barclay (Research Development Manager)
  • Ms Marilyn Wilckens (Student Administration Officer)
  • Dr Kylie Alexander (Research Officer)
  • Dr Samudragupta Bora (Research Officer)
  • Dr Mitchell Sullivan (Research Officer)
  • Dr Ran Wang (Research Officer)
  • Ms Patricia Gerdes (Postgraduate Student Representative)
  • Ms Harriet Lawford  (Postgraduate Student Representative)​