Sisters of Mercy Medals

The Mater Research Sister Medals are a chance for the organisation to recognise individuals who have made an outstanding contribution throughout the year. The Medals are awarded for making outstanding contributions in the areas of:

  • Mater Research student supervision,
  • supporting Mater Research operations,
  • contributing to the research output of Mater Research, and
  • translating Mater Research research into clinical care.

Applications are currently open for the 2021 Sisters of Mercy Medals. Find out more here


Sister Pollard

Sister Eileen Pollard Medal

Awarded for incorporating Mater Research-related research into clinical care provision to an individual who has excelled in relation to opportunity in conducting clinical research.

Sister Eileen Pollard joined the Sisters of Mercy after training as a nurse in 1942. She became the first director of Nursing at Mater Public Hospital and was involved in the accreditation of the Mater Private Hospital.

Sister Josey

Sister Madonna Josey Medal

Awarded for outstanding contribution to Mater Research to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the operations of the Institute. We particularly encourage professional staff, support staff, operations staff and research assistants to apply or be recognised by their colleagues.

For 15 years Sister Madonna Josey was a Nursing Superintendent at Mater Adult hospital, including during its redevelopment, and became a Fellow of the Australian Royal College of Nursing.

Sister Madonna also contributed to Mater Governance, serving on the Mater Hospital Advisory Board and the Mater Health Services Governing board. She has maintained a close connection with many Mater People as an active participant in and supporter of Mater nursing alumni.

Sister Dunne

Sister Regis Mary Dunne Medal

Awarded for outstanding Mater Research-related research contribution to a researcher who has excelled in relation to opportunity.

Sister Regis Mary Dunne worked in Mater Pathology for over 30 years. She was one of the first to introduce cytogenetics into a laboratory and was a former director of the Queensland Bioethics Centre 1981-94. Her inspiration and teachings assisted many of Mater’s pathology staff with their love of science and patient care.

Sister Ahern

Sister Michaeleen Ahern Medal

Awarded for significant contribution to Mater Research in the area of student supervision.

Sister Michaeleen Mary Ahern, who has made outstanding service contributions to Mater for more than 6 decades.

She played a pivotal role in building the Mater Private and Mater Children’s hospitals and over the years held varying positions as a surgical theatre nurse, Executive Director of the Mater Private Hospital and as Community leader at the Mater convent.

Sister Michaeleen is known for her strong leadership, delivered with care and compassion and her generosity of spirit in mentoring many Mater staff.