Cognitive Neurology

The Cognitive Neurology Group aims to improve diagnostic accuracy of the degenerative brain diseases that give rise to dementia. The diseases we focus on are Alzheimer’s disease including atypical presentations such as where the main deficit is in language, or, in how the brain perceives the world visually (posterior cortical atrophy); frontotemporal dementias, both behavioural or language presentations; progressive supranuclear palsy and corticobasal syndromes; and dementia associated with Lewy body diseases.

We also work on developing better methods to track change  in cognitive abilities with the goal of improving the reliability, and shortening the time needed, for clinical trials. Finally, through our experimental brain scanning work we aim to improve understanding of what is causing the brain to degenerate in these diseases.

Group Members

  • Caitlin McElligott
  • Dr Joshua Flavell

Based at Queensland Brain institute

  • Dr Soo Lee
  • Felicia Coleman
  • Emily McCann
  • Amir Fazlollahi

Group Leaders