Centre for Health System Reform and Integration

The Mater Research Institute-UQ Centre for Health System Reform and Integration brings together and develops the work of two Centres for Research Excellence; one on primary and secondary care integration, and the other on primary care quality, capacity building and governance. The new Centre will partner to research, evaluate and train in emerging areas of health system reform internationally.

Scope of activity

  • Training, quality improvement, capacity building, and development in health system reform
  • Research, evaluation, and implementation of evidence into practice
  • Strategic facilitation and policy development
  • Service innovation and sustainability
  • National and international research and policy partnership

Key focus areas

  • Healthcare Home
  • Primary Care Amplification Model (PCAM), GPs with special interests (GPwSI) and ‘Beacon’ models
  • Integrated health system governance
  • Co-creation methodology
  • Continuing and building international partnerships and networks
  • International PC Research Implementation Network

Our partners