Overview of Governance at Mater

All research conducted at Mater is governed throughout the entire project by the Mater Research Governance Office to ensure that Mater researchers comply with:

  • all relevant legislation, regulations, guidelines and codes of practice (including Privacy Laws)
  • Mater site-specific policies and procedures
  • administrative and legal requirements (such as evidence of adequate insurance, indemnity, budget and relevant agreements)
  • procedures and guidelines governing the conduct of research involving human participants.

Research Governance also safeguards the protection of research participants, fosters a positive working environment and ensures researchers adhere to best practice standards and procedures.

Multi-Centre Research

Multi-centre research is any research project conducted at Mater in collaboration with a non-Mater/external organisation. It does not refer to research being conducted at several sites or locations of a single institution (e.g. Mater Hospital Brisbane, Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, and Mater Research).

Mater generally accepts studies that have been reviewed and approved by any NHMRC certified HREC (Mater Misericordiae Limited must be listed as an approved study site on the HREC approval letter).

Most multi-centre research projects will require some form of contractual arrangement which should be discussed with the Research Governance Office.

How to undergo a Research Governance review (Site-Specific Assessment or SSA)

Before a human research project may commence at any site within Mater it must undergo a Research Governance review (known as Site-Specific Assessment, or SSA ) in order to obtain Mater site authorisation.

This review is in addition to the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) application submitted for each project.

Follow the steps outlined below to complete and submit your application

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