Governance authorisation

The research governance review considers participant safety, site suitability, legal compliance, financial management, accountability, and risk management and ensures compliance with relevant institutional and national standards, and applicable laws. 

Completing your Site-Specific Assessment (SSA)

Applications to the Mater Research Governance Office are submitted using Ethics Review Manager (ERM). You do not have to wait for ethics approval to submit your site-specific assessment (SSA) form; however, site authorisation cannot be granted until ethics approval is obtained.

Please note: Documents submitted to MML HREC do not need to be provided with your SSA.

Research Agreements

Research projects involving parties external to Mater require a legal agreement. All agreements must be processed by the Mater Research Agreements Office.

Please contact Research Agreements to discuss requirements. These may be complex, so it is best to start the process as soon as possible. The Mater Research Governance Office cannot authorise your project until all agreement requirements are satisfied.

Review timeframe

The review benchmark for the Mater Research Governance Office is 33 days to authorisation.

This excludes:

  • researchers responding to questions*  
  • execution of agreements
  • HREC review and approval
  • other Mater-specific approvals

*Prompt reply will facilitate timely review.

Mater Priority Trial Reviews

Mater Research offers a fee-for-service express review to expedite site authorisation.

  • Initial review within five business days of submission
  • Aim to authorise within two - four weeks of submission