Mother and Baby

We’re studying the pathophysiology and improving clinical management of pregnancy complications, and optimising the care of women during healthy pregnancy. We’re also focused on improving women’s postnatal and broader gynaecological health. We’re continuing to advance the care and outcomes for sick neonates, and studying the relationship between fetal development, early life experience and lifelong health.

Greater knowledge of pregnancy complications and more effective diagnostics and care will reduce risks during pregnancy and childbirth and help ensure lifelong health for newborns.

Program Leaders

Collaborative Research Groups

  • Centre of Research Excellence in Stillbirth
  • Queensland Family Cohort Study
  • Program Groups

  • Critical Care of At Risk Newborns Research
  • Genesis Maternal Fetal Medicine Research
  • Neurodevelopmental Follow-up and Outcomes Research
  • Pregnancy and Development Research
  • Pregnancy, Diabetes and Obesity Research
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