Living Well with Cancer Program

The vision of the Living Well with Cancer Program is to maximise quality of life and function in people affected by cancer. We are a multidisciplinary group with members in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong from a range of disciplines, including nursing, medical oncology, psycho-oncology, exercise science, nutrition and epigenetics. Individually and as a group we investigate lifestyle interventions that prevent or moderate the adverse effects of cancer and cancer treatments. As a result of our research, we know that lifestyle support, and a healthy lifestyle, maximises survival after diagnosis. We are now investigating the best ways to ensure that lifestyle support becomes a standard part of healthcare.  

Ms Lizzie Stewart, Ms Caroline Lowes, Ms Yufan Wang, Ms Yubin Moon, Ms Amy Ives, Ms Kris Flint.

Affiliated Mater Clinicians:
1.         Professor Lewis Perrin
2.         Associate Professor Natasha Woodward
3.         Dr Chris Pyke
4.         Ms Ali Broadbent
5.         Ms Bronwyn Jennings.

Group Leaders